OpusCapita Software GmbH

OpusCapita turns forward looking Internet solutions into successful technology, using our know-how concerning databases, the Internet and all of the important business related tasks. We were early in recognizing the potential of the Internet for industry and trade: the New Economy is establishing itself and we have placed ourselves at the forefront of this development. The perfect combination of fundamental knowledge and an innovative idea has also convinced our powerful investors. From the start, TFG Venture Capital has been on board with OpusCapita GmbH. We expect to keep our product at the front line of technology, and to extend our market leadership still further. Our aim is to build a worldwide network. Together we will introduce our products to well-placed medium sized companies and global enterprises.

References include Allianz, Busak & Shamban, Bitburger, Continental, Dorma, Fielmann, Fischer Leuchten, Hypovereinsbank, Otto Office, Siemens, tesa, Viessmann.


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