4.6 Release Note Overview

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Nowadays, a publication is not created by one person only. From the first ideas to the final production, it is the common work of different persons. Consequently, InBetween 4.6 brings several improvements for the support of teamwork and collaborations: Comments and instructions can be easily added, workflows can be defined, and comprehensive publications can be structured by sections. The different responsible persons can work in parallel on the same publication.

The use of the Flipbook has been optimized, now offering a search functionality, a navigation overview and a multi-language user interface. Please welcome the new Joblist in DTP client. InBetween 4.6 allows even the propagation of changes in the frame structure, e.g., new table rows and columns, which will be passed to the document to be updated. Existing values and manual formatting in the document will be kept. Moreover, the capacities to create templates directly in Adobe InDesign have been enhanced. Completely new and versatile layout perspectives originate from the option embedding InDesign scripts withing the generation process. Using table headers and footers simultaneously offers new ways to structure tables.

Besides the improved output formats Microsoft Excel and Powerpoint, InBetween 4.6 also supports the current versions of Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress.

Last but not least, installation and handling of the new InBetween has been simplified.

InBetween 4.6 comes with an integrated Java runtime environment and an integrated Tomcat Web Server. A separate Java installation is no more necessary.

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